Steven Rogers

Can a journey across the Holy Land redeem a reluctant pilgrim? Into the Room by Steven Rogers is an inspirational and entertaining novel.

Praise for “Into the Room”

“I think Into The Room has the potential to become a Christian classic. It should be mentioned in the same breath as C.S. Lewis, as it is a timeless novel. Its relevance will last for eternity.” – Julia Wilson, Christian Bookaholic

“Once I started it, I couldn’t put it down. I think everyone will take something different from this book, but everyone will take something.” – Jacklyn Bonneau

“A fascinating look at one man’s pain and opportunities to change. Into the Room inspires Hope.” – Mary Lou Quinlan

“This book contains so much biblical wisdom and cultural knowledge, yet it is quite entertaining! … Altogether an enjoyable, yet inspiring read!” – Amy Lynn Walsh

Stories of Hope and Redemption

Steve Rogers is an award-winning author and novelist. A lifelong lover of books and literature, he dreamed for years of a time he could fully commit to learning the craft. Since retiring from the corporate world in 2016, Steve has done just that, completing two novels and a half-dozen stories. His novel Into the Room was published in May 2021 and is available for purchase now. Get your copy here and experience a story of redemption for Ben Cahill, a reluctant pilgrim on a journey across the Holy Land.