Steven in the Media

The Because Fiction Podcast

“Told in a unique voice that seems to speak directly to the reader, the book takes the reader on a tour of Israel with Ben Cahill while he discovers the land where Jesus walked and maybe Jesus in the process?”

Podcast host Chautona Havig

Telegram & Gazette of Webster, MA

“He began to think like a writer, envisioning ‘what if?’ scenarios as he traveled, stumbling upon plot ideas before he was ready to write. So, when he retired from the accounting world, he opened the doors to a new one, in a direction he did not expect.”

– Ann Connery Frantz

Boomer Magazine

Author Steven Rogers presents his new book, Into the Room, providing a little background as well as a preview of the book. From accountant to novelist? Sure, why not!

Boomer Magazine, August 31, 2021

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