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Christian Bookaholic Review

“I think Into The Room has the potential to become a Christian classic. It should be mentioned in the same breath as C.S. Lewis, as it is a timeless novel. Its relevance will last for eternity.”

Julia Wilson

Fiction Finder Interview

“Steven Rogers now spends his days exploring broken characters who face real-like experiences, sometimes in faraway places. But Steve always weaves his stories with hopeful endings.”

Tara K. Ross

Wisdom from a Wordsmith Episode 15

“His book is quite lovely, with realistic, clever, and sometimes heartbreaking descriptions of his main character’s journey through both Israel and the spiritual healing of addiction.”

Amy Lynn Walsh

The Because Fiction Podcast

“Told in a unique voice that seems to speak directly to the reader, the book takes the reader on a tour of Israel with Ben Cahill while he discovers the land where Jesus walked and maybe Jesus in the process?”

Podcast host Chautona Havig

Telegram & Gazette of Webster, MA

“He began to think like a writer, envisioning ‘what if?’ scenarios as he traveled, stumbling upon plot ideas before he was ready to write. So, when he retired from the accounting world, he opened the doors to a new one, in a direction he did not expect.”

– Ann Connery Frantz

Boomer Magazine

Author Steven Rogers presents his new book, Into the Room, providing a little background as well as a preview of the book. From accountant to novelist? Sure, why not!

Boomer Magazine, August 31, 2021

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