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“One Thing”

My Favorite Movie Lines – Part 2 In my September column, I wrote about my favorite movie lines (an example: “Seven years of college down the drain.”) After listing ten, I promised to reveal my single favorite line this month. I also offered a free copy of my book to anyone who could predict theContinue reading ““One Thing””

Foods I Can’t Stop Eating

I’m a disciplined person, especially in relation to my daily routine and working through my to-do lists. A recent informal poll of friends and family members confirmed this conclusion. On a scale of one to ten, everyone rated me at least a nine and one person awarded an eleven. However, there are certain foods IContinue reading “Foods I Can’t Stop Eating”

The Fishing Trip

Allow me to set the scene… It’s late in the evening following a day of fishing and fine eating. A group of eight men, aged twenty-five to sixty-six, are enjoying time together in a semi-rustic Maine fishing cabin. Four of them are playing cribbage while the others check fishing tackle and debate who should beContinue reading “The Fishing Trip”

Lessons My Mother Taught Me

While I’ve mentioned my mom in some of my other columns, I thought, given the Mother’s Day holiday, I’d share more about her and who she was.  Natalie Rogers was a four-foot, ten-inch woman who stood eight feet tall and earned the respect of everyone she encountered. I can’t begin to accurately paint of a portrait ofContinue reading “Lessons My Mother Taught Me”

If You Were an Animal…

Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s, during my prime job interview years, I was coached to prepare for the question: “If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?” Now, no interviewer ever pursued this rather quirky line of inquiry. However, I’m a “be prepared” guy, and was always ready with anContinue reading “If You Were an Animal…”

The Worst Proposal in History

Last week, my wife Kathy and I celebrated our thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. She’s the best friend I’ve ever had and we’ve shared so much fun and laughter that it’s hard to imagine spending those years with anyone else. Of course, life, as it will, has thrown us our share of curve balls, so we’ve facedContinue reading “The Worst Proposal in History”

Death Match

I play golf, but I’m not a golfer. I think there may be quite a few of us out there. One of my older brothers, I believe, falls into this category. He, like me, enjoys the social interaction and exercise as well as being outdoors. But we’re not going to spend time between rounds practicingContinue reading “Death Match”


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