Hey folks. This month I’m adding a new feature to my post. After my column and Monthly News, I’ve included a “Book of the Month.” My selections won’t be genre specific or necessarily current releases. They’ll simply be books I believe others will enjoy. Regular readers of this column have learned a lot about myContinue reading “Dad”

Deep Waters

Last June, my column “The Fishing Trip” (  provided an account of the annual excursion my brothers and I have been taking deep into the Maine woods since the late 1980’s. A few years ago, I began to ponder the eventual conclusion of our tradition and wrote a short story called “Deep Waters.” While theContinue reading “Deep Waters”

The Mani-Pedi Experience

In one of my favorite movies, Bull Durham, the character Crash Davis talks to a bunch of Double-A baseball players about spending twenty-one days in the “The Show,” their nickname for the Major Leagues. As part of the funny yet poignant scene, Crash tells his teammates, “I was in the Show for twenty-one days once.Continue reading “The Mani-Pedi Experience”

Pigs at the Door

The following is based on actual events: Watching his five-year-old play in the sandbox, the man is filled with wonder at the beauty and perfection of his little girl. As she’s pushing sand into piles, creating an imaginary world full of plastic figurines and matchbox cars, he’s amazed at her creativity and imagination. Yes, thisContinue reading “Pigs at the Door”

The Valentine’s Day Movie

I sometimes wonder why I waste so much time selecting movies to watch. I regularly invest at least fifteen minutes studying titles and genres. When my wife is involved, there’s always a conversation involving the phrases, “What are you in the mood for?”, “I don’t want to see a (insert movie type here) tonight,” andContinue reading “The Valentine’s Day Movie”

Anatomy of a Meeting

At some point in the future, I’m going to pass on. When this happens, I’m hopeful I’ll get a chance to see the Pearly Gates. Standing there will be Saint Peter, holding a clipboard. He’ll run his finger down a list until he finds my name and a conversation similar to the following will occur:Continue reading “Anatomy of a Meeting”

Advice for Young Husbands

I don’t have many discernable skills. I say this not out of false modesty but from a position of self-awareness. A quick inventory reveals the primary areas in which I excel. (1) I can explain accounting and finance in plain English, (2) I throw a heck of a meeting, and (3) I’m able to catchContinue reading “Advice for Young Husbands”

Black Friday for Guys

November. The month where the NFL season gets serious, the weather turns cold, and we all gather to eat mounds of turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie on Thanksgiving. November is also the month a large swath of our population begins planning for the Christmas holiday. This planning inevitably involves shopping and, if you enjoy venturingContinue reading “Black Friday for Guys”

“One Thing”

My Favorite Movie Lines – Part 2 In my September column, I wrote about my favorite movie lines (an example: “Seven years of college down the drain.”) After listing ten, I promised to reveal my single favorite line this month. I also offered a free copy of my book to anyone who could predict theContinue reading ““One Thing””