My Favorite Movie Lines – Part 1

I’m a big movie fan. There’s a good chance I’ve watched a movie I enjoy multiple times. As a result, I tend to remember details, especially if they involve a scene or dialogue I love. A couple of weeks ago, I began musing about my all-time favorite movie lines. A few popped into my headContinue reading “My Favorite Movie Lines – Part 1”

Foods I Can’t Stop Eating

I’m a disciplined person, especially in relation to my daily routine and working through my to-do lists. A recent informal poll of friends and family members confirmed this conclusion. On a scale of one to ten, everyone rated me at least a nine and one person awarded an eleven. However, there are certain foods IContinue reading “Foods I Can’t Stop Eating”

Too Old for Toothpaste, too Young for a Life-Alert

I’m fifty-nine years old, a very interesting age if you’re a consumer. Most companies assume I’ve already made my buying choices for life; they figure I’m set with toothpaste, razor blades, deodorant, etc. As a result, none, and I mean none, of their advertising is directed at me. On the other side of the equation,Continue reading “Too Old for Toothpaste, too Young for a Life-Alert”