Pigs at the Door

The following is based on actual events: Watching his five-year-old play in the sandbox, the man is filled with wonder at the beauty and perfection of his little girl. As she’s pushing sand into piles, creating an imaginary world full of plastic figurines and matchbox cars, he’s amazed at her creativity and imagination. Yes, thisContinue reading “Pigs at the Door”

Anatomy of a Meeting

At some point in the future, I’m going to pass on. When this happens, I’m hopeful I’ll get a chance to see the Pearly Gates. Standing there will be Saint Peter, holding a clipboard. He’ll run his finger down a list until he finds my name and a conversation similar to the following will occur:Continue reading “Anatomy of a Meeting”

Advice for Young Husbands

I don’t have many discernable skills. I say this not out of false modesty but from a position of self-awareness. A quick inventory reveals the primary areas in which I excel. (1) I can explain accounting and finance in plain English, (2) I throw a heck of a meeting, and (3) I’m able to catchContinue reading “Advice for Young Husbands”

My Favorite Movie Lines – Part 1

I’m a big movie fan. There’s a good chance I’ve watched a movie I enjoy multiple times. As a result, I tend to remember details, especially if they involve a scene or dialogue I love. A couple of weeks ago, I began musing about my all-time favorite movie lines. A few popped into my headContinue reading “My Favorite Movie Lines – Part 1”

Foods I Can’t Stop Eating

I’m a disciplined person, especially in relation to my daily routine and working through my to-do lists. A recent informal poll of friends and family members confirmed this conclusion. On a scale of one to ten, everyone rated me at least a nine and one person awarded an eleven. However, there are certain foods IContinue reading “Foods I Can’t Stop Eating”

Too Old for Toothpaste, too Young for a Life-Alert

I’m fifty-nine years old, a very interesting age if you’re a consumer. Most companies assume I’ve already made my buying choices for life; they figure I’m set with toothpaste, razor blades, deodorant, etc. As a result, none, and I mean none, of their advertising is directed at me. On the other side of the equation,Continue reading “Too Old for Toothpaste, too Young for a Life-Alert”