Foods I Can’t Stop Eating

I’m a disciplined person, especially in relation to my daily routine and working through my to-do lists. A recent informal poll of friends and family members confirmed this conclusion. On a scale of one to ten, everyone rated me at least a nine and one person awarded an eleven. However, there are certain foods IContinue reading “Foods I Can’t Stop Eating”

Lessons My Mother Taught Me

While I’ve mentioned my mom in some of my other columns, I thought, given the Mother’s Day holiday, I’d share more about her and who she was.  Natalie Rogers was a four-foot, ten-inch woman who stood eight feet tall and earned the respect of everyone she encountered. I can’t begin to accurately paint of a portrait ofContinue reading “Lessons My Mother Taught Me”

The Greatest People in the World

My mother, and most of her siblings, were first generation Americans. Her parents came over from Italy, landing in Portland, Maine and settling in Beverly, Massachusetts. She was the youngest of seven children who, collectively, created a massive assortment of first, second, third, and in-law cousins. To give you an idea of the size ofContinue reading “The Greatest People in the World”

The Worst Proposal in History

Last week, my wife Kathy and I celebrated our thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. She’s the best friend I’ve ever had and we’ve shared so much fun and laughter that it’s hard to imagine spending those years with anyone else. Of course, life, as it will, has thrown us our share of curve balls, so we’ve facedContinue reading “The Worst Proposal in History”

Things I’m Contrary About

I can be a bit of curmudgeon. During some recent introspection on this trait, I identified certain popular phenomena, people, and activities that, for me, generate a lower level of enthusiasm than for the majority of other people. At the risk of alienating anyone who reads this, I’ve listed a few items that will probablyContinue reading “Things I’m Contrary About”

Free-Range Boys

I did most of my growing up in the 1970s, which means I had a lot more autonomy in my day-to-day activities than kids in 2020. Outside of seasonal youth sports and scouting, there was, until high school, very little structured activity. Parents basically told us to find something to do and threw us outContinue reading “Free-Range Boys”

I’m Very Humble – It’s My Best Quality

I tend to be wound a little tight. While I’ve always known this, one day, some years back, I walked into my best buddy’s office and the following exchange took place: “Do you think I’m a little high strung?” I asked. After joining his hands together and then pointing both index fingers at me likeContinue reading “I’m Very Humble – It’s My Best Quality”

Bubblegum for the Brain

Years ago, back when I worked in public accounting, I often interacted with a tax accountant at one of my clients, a Fortune 500 company. There is no doubt this woman was a brilliant person – she held a Masters Degree in Taxation, could cite the code, remember precedent, and quickly determine the tax implicationsContinue reading “Bubblegum for the Brain”